Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Final Post

So now I have done trough from week 3 until week 6. So this is the link through the whole week start from:

So after analysis, we have done all of project. Then we must get a question that was answers trough the question with Mr. Jabiz. So this is a video about my conversation with Mr. Jabiz, talking about my project since I have done all of the task. And this is the video:

Monday, 23 May 2011


At this week 6, I do make the list and answer the best questions that I already pick from the AOI-Areas Of Interaction in week 2 which are "Analysis". So I make some writing of my answers about my reasons of why does my electric engine doesn't working. So this is the notes about:

I communicate my understanding to the other in several ways. To communicate it is hard to do it, but I did by talks with dad, videos, and posters.

I am worked by started asking with my dad to bring me to go to the engineer in BTC. Afterward I started to ask what actually the electric engine is, in addition to what electric engine that easy to make. After I asked, I started to learn with him, as well as I found one example that I already make it. Next I was practice to my dad and told the function. I told the function that electric engine was working to connected to the electricity that we can use. I was able to communicate with my dad using Bahasa, however I am not using English because, it is doesn’t comfortable plus I don’t have a good vocabulary to explained it. 

Later than I talk with my dad, I started to create the project electric engine and record it. I put some labeled in the video to showed the object that you need. In the first place thing that I explain are what the object is, and why do we need that object. Second I started to explain how does it worked. Finally I explain how to make it while I making the project. I also shared the video to the teacher and to my dad. I used video to be my communicated for understanding to the others because, it’s easier to do and people I think will like to watch the video than I explained it directly. 

Complete doing the video; I make some posters about the object that was shows what you must need while you make want to make it. Therefore I have given some picture each object for the poster. I used poster to show communicate my understanding to the others because, it is helps people to know first what object that they need. After that I give some pictures on each labeled so the people know what does the object looks like and the named is. 

First that I think is, the wire doesn’t really connected to get the electricity from battery and magnet because, the wire is little bit rusty and the wire should be new and not rusty, therefore the electricity worked even maybe it’s not really twist fast. However the electric engine that I make, does worked by the wire was very hot and if we touched it the electricity will current.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Now I started to make a short video demonstrated for what I think, that what happened next. And here's I put some video and label of the object. So in Application I did have to do a lists that I make beginning and this is the lists are:
Use the material to construct a simple machine. Complete the task by making a short video of what have you done that you making the electric motor engine, and does it worked or not.

This is the video about:

Friday, 29 April 2011

Comprehension of the Electric Engine

Now I did little bit of resources whether from my family or websites. So this is my explaining about what I did learned know.

The main points that I think is battery because, we need energy to make the electrical energy. When I started to ask my dad, I know about the model of the different object. So this is the named of the object that I already know: battery, wire, and magnet. This is some of the label that I make, to show the objects:

Of course if I get started to do create an engine, it will be completely hard and maybe it doesn’t worked. It is because; this is the first time I make the engine. Because this is the first time I make the engine so it would be long to make it, I think probably around 3 weeks. I predict that my dad, people that expert that I can talked with, website, or videos from YouTube is that can helped me to explained all about how to make the engine if electrical engine that I already choose.

Now I know that electric engine has a bigger engine and these are the examples of the usefulness of the big electric engine:

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Engine-Electrical Engine

So this is the list that I pick:
  • Describe what the machine models are easy to make?
  • List the most important part to make an electric machine, especially for the “Reed Switch Motor”
  • Write down all I have know and write how and an important part of what makes the machine will work perfectly?
I pick one of the engines that are easier, and it’s electric engine because, I think it isn’t complicated to make it. First I must to know what is electric machine, and I found that electric machine is an electromechanical system that used one or more superconducting elements.  

I know little bit about this electric machine, and so I’ll trying to get more knowing in this topic. Now I had decide what types of electrical machine do I want to get more, and I did choose to know about a simple electric motors. Here’s the picture of the simple electric machine that I get from website:

This picture was showing of motor with optical control.
First that I know about electric machine is a machine that changes to electrical energy into mechanical energy. Then I have decided to make a “Reed Switch Motor”. This is the simplest motor and reliable. So now I need to know more about what the important things that I need to do making the electric machine “Reed Switch Motor”. Also I need to know what the length that I need, and the magnetic field in Weber, and does the current of amperes it works? , So the machine will works.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I am interested in the Jeep. I am very pleased to learn driving, and can tamper by own self. Since childhood, I really was a fan of the Jeep then, I have miniature collections, also like to collect the magazine about it. Over many weeks on Sunday, I use that time to see a show named “Tumplek Blek”.

This show put a Jeep that will run over a former saloon car, up until the Jeep will going to roll around. I am also like to follow the Jeep parts exhibitions until the paintings of it. If it is doesn’t have any shows, also I liked to learn to drive the Jeep in field. Then until I followed and watched, how to unloading and repair the damaged part.

This topic was related to Approaches to Learning part of Areas Of Interaction.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

2 Sentences

So I did make video about 2 sentences and example using my reflection.